Your daily habits and patterns mould your life

Many People struggle for many years if not a lifetime with their weight. Years of yo yo dieting, losing weight only for it to creep back up leaving a person feeling miserable and feeling like a failure. Diets don’t work, temporary food fixes are just that, temporary. Deprivation will often lead to a binge and more feelings of guilt and failure, and the simple truth is your body does not like to starve.

Lack of motivation, will power, eating sensibly in public but eating a lot when alone, secret eating, pressure from others, old emotional hurts, cravings, low self-worth, poor body image, persistent worry about food and weight, food feeling like a friend and an enemy, having fears that you are addicted to food lead to years of low mood.

Permanent weight loss is possible, but not without a change of mindset, and a new understanding of your relationship with food. An assessment will explore your history and your relationship with food and from that I will build a treatment plan that’s right for you

Together we will build your emotional strength and help you towards a new healthier and happier relationship with eating and living.

I look forwards to meeting you.


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