Q) How long do my sessions last?

A) Sessions will last 50 minutes (unless otherwise agreed).

Q) How many sessions will I need?

A) Everyone is unique. The length of your sessions will depend on your individual issues and needs. During our initial assessment, we will discuss your needs. I offer short or long term therapy. You are, of course, able to end therapy when you choose.

Q) How much are sessions?

A) Sessions are £40 per hour and £50 for Sunday sessions.

Q) Where do sessions take place?

A) Face to face sessions are in Whitfield, future sessions are available via Skype if needed.

Q) What happens if I miss a session?

A) I ask for 24 hours notice otherwise the session is chargeable.

Q) Will the counselling be confidential?

A) Yes the sessions are completely confidential apart form a few exclusions from harm to self and to others, money laundering and terrorism.

Q) Are all sessions weekly?

A) To begin all sessions are weekly until we reach a point whereby sessions can be fortnightly.