I am a bacp accredited integrative counsellor and I have worked in a variety of locations from GP surgeries, NHS services including IAPT, post cardiac clinics, bariatric services, colleges, community counselling and private practice. I became more focused on eating disorders when a close family member developed some difficulties. I am still actively involved in counselling other conditions such as anxiety, depression, stress, bereavement, abuse, etc, please use contact page for details. When not working I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, socialising, or just relaxing and catching up on a good box set.

Many people struggle for years with their relationship with food and eating, suffering years of yo-yo dieting in a repetitive cycle of losing and then regaining weight. Living their lives in a pattern of eating and then fearing weight gain and obsessing about food and weight. People living their lives in a pattern of binge eating, feeling ashamed and guilty followed by purging. Hating your own body image. A life filled with low self-esteem and self-worth linked to their body image.

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Obesity & weight loss

Many People struggle for many years if not a lifetime with their weight. Years of yo yo dieting, losing weight only for it to creep back up leaving a person feeling miserable and feeling like a failure. Diets don’t work, temporary food fixes are just that, temporary.



Formerly categorized as Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (EDNOS), the Other Specified Feeding and Eating Disorder diagnosis is applied when an individual’s symptoms cause significant distress but do not fit neatly within the strict criteria of other eating disorders.


Anorexia Nervosa

The word ANOREXIA means “appetite loss of nervous origins”. A person suffering from anorexia may lose a considerable amount of weight in a short time. Even though they may be very underweight they can still carry an intense fear of putting weight on. Perfectionism is often apparent in anorexia.


Bulimia Nervosa

Bulimia nervosa is a type of eating disorder. It is characterised by episodes of binging (these can be very large amounts of food), followed by a compensatory behaviour, usually self-induced vomiting, using laxatives, enemas or diuretics or engaging excessive exercise or the use of other substances including drugs or alcohol.


Binge Eating Disorder

People with Binge eating/compulsive eating disorder experience a loss of control and eat large quantities of food in short space of time on a regular basis this is called a binge. At these times a person is unable to control this behaviour and it is not as often misconceived a pleasurable experience.


clients say

Adam was skill-full in providing a sense of direction. Going into this without knowing what to expect made the experience seamless. A big thank you to Adam for making sense of it all.

It really helped me to understand why I feel like I do at times, it made me more aware of how I should react.

During the sessions Adam was absolutely brilliant in not only helping me understand my issues but also in providing ways to deal with them.

I cant believe where I have come from to where I am now. The counselling sessions have been a great help.

Very useful. Was nice to have someone who I could talk to and not worry about being judged on anything I said. Adam has helped me think about things differently than I had been.

I have found this experience very helpful, it has helped me organise and prioritise my problems so I can work through them and find solutions rather than worrying about everything all the time. I feel more confident and happier and more in control.